field trip


cj’s class took a field trip to the clarence nature center
they had 2 chaperons back out at the last minute
so i volunteered to go along

i think he was excited to have me
despite what that expression may say
without any other little ones attached
it’s been a long time since that’s happened

the nature center is a cabin in the middle of a big forest
with several different trails leading away from the center point
there were 3 classes on the trip and we took turns going down the paths
it was a beautiful sunny day
perfect for exploring in the woods

it’s fun the things you find
when your only task is to observe

we were only there for a couple hours
some of us could have stayed all day
tho’ i did hear one of the other moms comment
that she’d had more than enough nature
to last her the week…ugh! go back to the salon then!

the best part is that the nature center
is about 500 yards up the road from our house
and we can go any time we want!!


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