bonus benjmain pics


last saturday cj’s baseball team had a pick up game
the rest of us played at the park
something that we didn’t ‘get to do as much this spring

benjamin found some acorns to keep him occupied
he started trying to put the caps back on
but they’d never stay
frustrated he threw one
and accidentally hit a garage door
on a nearby building

he thought the sound that it made
was absolutely hilarious!

so for a good half hour he threw acorns
and laughed and laughed and laughed!

ok – maybe tmi, but do you notice the spit in the corner of his mouth?
if i had photoshop i’d edit it out
but aside from that – that’s his newest trick
blowing spit bubbles!!
he does it constantly and it absolutely drives chris batty!

just a bonus color pic – only took a few at the end
he looks awful big to me!


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