re-found love


christopher is starting to read chapter books

the other day i was waiting for them to get off the bus
i was sitting on the couch in the living room
so i could see out the front window

one of his books was sitting on the couch

heartbeat by sharon creech

i read the whole thing before it was time to make dinner

it wasn’t a long book
and it’s written like a poem
or maybe prose
(i’m definitely not an english teacher)

but i couldn’t put it down

then i read the other book of hers that he had
love that dog

then i bought him a 3rd at the book fair at school

i love her books

i won’t even try to explain why
or how
just find one and read it
if you’re older than 10
it (most likely) won’t take you but an evening
and it’s way better than crappy t.v.

i now remember why i loved working in the children’s dept. at the library
before i went down there i would grab a stack of books
or four
and read them all before it was time to go home

and even more than that
i remembered why i love to read

and i am committed to doing it more

weekly bike rides to the library
will hopefully be in our future

so if anyone has any suggestions
i’m compiling a list


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  1. I could give you a list of books that I loved when I was his age, but I’m sure there are many new ones out there that are just as good (and I do want to check out the ones you listed)! I hate that about books–there are more good ones out there than I will ever have time to read!!

  2. yeah – what are they thinking
    continuing to write books
    when i can’t read all the ones that are out there already! :)

  3. The best part about that whole story is the fact that you are sitting on the couch, looking out the window, waiting for your children to get home from school. You are the cutest person ever!

  4. I love that you love children’s books too. I haven’t read those, but they are on my shelf for the kids. I will have to move them to the top of my list. I am working on the Gregor the Overlander Series now. CJ might like them if he is at all into fantasy. My students just love them! I am also reading Because of Winn Dixie aloud and it seems to be pretty good.

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