is this neglect?


or child endangerment?

what you can’t see are the multiple layers of clothes underneath
this is how my children have to watch t.v.
or do anything else that requires sitting still
because i refuse to turn on the furnace yet

how cold is too cold?


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  1. little red noses! they’re so healthy because of the chill. I recall you complaining when we had it set at 65 – ever so many years ago before you had to pay for heating.

  2. ummmm….i think it’s cold. but, i’m a different kind of lichti! different strokes for different folks. and we don’t have gas heat, so we don’t feel the pain of the big ol’ gas bill every month. maybe i would feel differently then…probably not, i’m a whimp!

  3. Dude. 62 is the limit for me. But I’m more concerned that dean (that’s what he calls it, right?) looks brown and I’m pretty sure it used to be white!!

  4. dee – dean is benjamin – and yes it is supposed to be white
    it’s hard to find time to wash it
    maybe today
    if you think that’s bad you should see the other side
    it is definitely a well loved lovey
    (you can imagine what that means)

    and nan – we’re lucky to have gas heat
    all of our appliances are gas
    and our electric bill is still more than our gas
    something about being this close
    to the electric supply for the entire country
    (niagara falls)
    means that we get screwed
    some sort of extra fees/high rates
    its sort of a big to do these days around here
    i will definitely say that i would love for it to change!

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