sorry for those of you who have been waiting
for a post in general
or this one in particular

it seems if i can’t blog for one reason or another
this time misplaced camera battery charger
and pics were stuck in camera
i sometimes have a hard time getting back into the groove…

but here it is…

i was going to wait until he was 2
no particular reason
it’s not like we waited with the other boys
just because he was so close
and i like things to be just so

but the back of his head was getting soooooo ratty
all the time
that i just couldn’t wait any more

here’s the before
(photo credit to cj who was manning the camera for this)

bye bye curls…:(

and this is the best after that i have at this time
i will take a more deliberate hair shot
it seems that in snapshots you can’t really see the hair
(i guess because it’s not there)

so he has joined the ranks of the big boys now

and on another note
he has increased his vocabulary by 1/3

he has added no! to yes and mamma
and boy howdy is it a forceful one at that!
i’ll have to get video
it just can’t be described


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