pull ups


one day many weeks ago

ok – maybe not many
but i’m feeling the lag here
between updates
and the need to acknowledge it meaningfully

zachary came to me and said
mama – i’m wearing a pull-up!

now this came as a surprise to me
as i had not gotten any pull-ups
and i don’t remember him going to the store without me
so i said – are you sure? a pull-up?

he was sticking to his story
so i had to check it out

totally logical
you pull it up

so since then we’ve been in underwear
or pull-ups as he still calls them
the best is when he does his “roll call”
i wear pull-ups, timmy wears pull-ups, derfer wears pull ups…
his brothers love that!

doing very well with peeing in the toilet
now if we could only get the other part down too!


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