last day of summer


every labor day weekend
one of the local fire companies
has a fair as a fund raiser

we drive by every year
and say we should go
but we never have

this year we did
it was reminiscent of the harvey county fair
or the chisolm trail festival fair
(may have been the same one for all i know)

many of the rides were for smaller people
(can you see them in the purple car)
and they had a lot of fun!

cj, timmy and i did go on one ride for big people

then we played some games

got some prizes and sno cones
and enjoyed some fireworks
as we walked back to the car

overall fun was had by all
and it was a good end to the summer

as we were walking
zachary said
i will go to the fair again next time
in about an hour

benjamin says i didn’t get to have so much fun
i was just stuck in the stupid stroller

sorry, bud
maybe next time
in an hour


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