new ride


our trailblazer had been sitting in the driveway
for about a month or so
a casualty of leased mileage run out

48,000 mile lease
15 miles on the odometer when we got it
time to unload

problem was we had over 9 months left
before it was time to turn it in
(we will never lease again…too much trouble)

we have a hard time finding vehicles to fit our family
that don’t guzzle gas
or cost a million dollars
or aren’t ideal for driving in buffalo winters

but we finally found something that would work for us
so before a baseball game (hence the uniform)
the boys and i headed over to the dealership
to pick up our new ride

last moments in the trailblazer

we got a new saturn outlook

it’s a crossover vehicle
which means we maintain towing capacity
and have all wheel drive

but it seats more like a minivan
which means the ability to keep car seats close to the front
without sacrificing access to the 3rd row
overall a better fit four our family

the color is called garnet

which makes me think red
but it looks more purple
(during the day – at dusk/night it looks black)

so, i guess if i ever loose it
i’ll say its purple


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  1. Ooh, pretty! I think it’s more of a black cherry color if you ask me. I’m so glad you finally found something that works for you!!

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