travel soccer


the travel soccer season ended with july
i feel like i missed the whole thing
his games were on fridays
that was the same day as timmy’s baseball
so i didn’t get to see many of the games

they also played on a field that does not have
parking lot access
meaning that i can’t see the game from the parking lot
and by 7 p.m. on a friday
the siblings were a bit unruly
not conducive to watching field-side

but i did see a couple of games
and got a couple pictures

this is his team
a pretty good bunch of kids
they ended the season with only 2 losses
and they won their pool in the clarence classic

a lest you feel sad for me that i missed the season
house season starts this week
and both timmy and cj are playing
so i have no less than 4 opportunities each week
to watch soccer – fun times!!


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