the color of bologna


on the way to the tournament in pittsburgh
to pass the time we played i’m thinking of…
like i spy but you don’t have to be able to see the object
because when you’re in a car your options are severely limited

on one of my turns i started with
i’m thinking of something pinkish

i guess this one was really hard
because it took them a loooong time
to get the answer: bologna

then i had to hear how bologna
was not pink
i believe the consensus among the dissenters
was that it was brown

and while i will admit that it’s closer to peach
it sure is a far cry closer to pink than brown
at least to my eyes

you decide:


4 responses »

  1. mmm…maybe in the box of 463 colors but in this house we only have the box of 24 and bologna is not one of those colors…i do think we might have a macaroni and cheese orange though

  2. Bologna is clearly pink. And I think you should write to the Crayola company and ask them to please put a bologna crayon into production.

  3. yes – it IS pink, but it is (theoretically) meat which we think of as brown which goes to show that perception sometimes overpowers reality.

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