end of one season


beginning of another

this is cj’s travel team

their league season is coming to an end
and the tournament season is just starting

they ended the season undefeated
and are now in the playoffs

in their first game the spent a lot of time doing this

can you see the 4 red guys running around the bases?

cj got his first double
and his first triple
of the season

they won 10 – 0
for their 10th win
and they move on to the next round

in the meantime
we will be traveling to pittsburgh
to try our hand at a tournament there

it will be fun to see how we stack up
against some new teams

on an aside:
i feel incredibly fortunate
at the quality of both the coaches
and the players on this team

our coaches are

who teach these boys
about so much more than baseball
with the ways that they interact
with each other
the boys
the umpires
the other teams

they work together
each giving in his own way
complimenting each other’s strengths
compensating each other’s weaknesses

it makes for an incredible experience
for these boys who are amazing in and of themselves

aside from being extremely talented ball players
they are supportive of each other
there is no one boy bigger than the team

they encourage and cheer each other on
they console each other when things aren’t going well
they look out for each other
and play together as whole

it is an amazing amazing experience
and i am ever so grateful
for my son to have the opportunity
to be a part of this


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  1. I, too, am grateful for the experience Christopher has had with this team and these coaches. What a blessing!

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