bloom update


earlier i lamented my lack of bloomage

really i think i just need to remember
that we’re seasonally challenged
and that i need to be more patient
because things are starting to bloom now

from the same bed as the blue iris

baby astilbe under the pine tree

baby butterfly bush planted by mom (no surprise there!!)

bloom from aforementioned bush

and his nearby partner

by the mailbox

also by the milbox
but i’m starting to think
this may just be a weed

and now for the amusing horticultural anomaly of the day

i have 2 big planters that flank our front walk

so they are separated by about 3 feet max

planter 1

nice, huh? (again planted by mom)

planter 2


i swear these were taken on the same day
within mere seconds of each other
so, what’s up with that??

i guess it’s sort of like these

genetics sure are interesting
and somewhat elusive
when it comes to understanding

so we just accept the differences
and smile in amazement!


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