epiphany i piff ə nee (noun) 1. a sudden realization
a sudden intuitive leap of understanding
especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence

i recently saw timothy have an epiphany
not sure how striking the occurrence was
but i definitely saw the change in his face
as a new understanding was reached
(which is quite an accomplishment for a young man
who already knows everything!)

it centered around this

(which i believe was sent by grandma and grandpa)
isn’t it great when learning is also fun!

he was reading this joke

and he says

momma does this [luke]  look like ‘luke’?


well – it’s not – it’s look– see?

no, it’s luke.

no it’s not.

yes, it is.

[repeat last 2 lines about 5 times]

no it’s not, see:
(goes on to read joke using ‘look’ for luke)

so i tried to explain the concept of knock-knock jokes
that what makes them funny is that you substitute a word
for something that it sounds close to

we went through a few more

knock knock!
who’s there?
police who?
police let me in there!

me: see ‘police’? ‘please’? please let me in there?
timmy: (blank stare)
me: police? please? get it?
timmy: (blank stare)
me: let’s try another one

knock knock!
who’s there?
max who?
max no difference who i am!
just let me in there!!

me: max/makes…max/makes..get it?
timmy: (blank stare)

knock knock!
who’s there?
ken who?
ken i hide in the closet with you?!?

me: ken/can?
timmy: (light of understanding illuminates his face)
like this one!

knock knock!
who’s there?
radio who?
radio not, here i come!!

radio – ready or! get it mom?  get it?? ready or not, here i come?

yes timmy, i get it
and now
so do you

knock knock!
who’s there?

the possibilities are endless!


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  1. Please tell me that you actually have a book of knock-knock jokes or something, and you didn’t just have all those memorized… :)

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