boy in blue


i guess i’m just used to seeing him in red
most of his past teams have been red
(cardinals, nationals, his house soccer team)
his travel teams are red (hs colors are red and black)
so when i look at these pictures
what strikes me first is that he’s wearing blue
(and it is a good color for him, isn’t it?!)

but this is followed quickly by the impression that
what he is doing makes him look old to me
but his face still brings me back to this little boy

and i wonder if he’ll ever be any older in my eyes


2 responses »

  1. he is beautiful in blue. and i think he’s stopped growing at that point for me too.

    • • • • • • • •

    i love reading your exchange with timmy. this is so much like micah! that child discounts things written in books until he FULLY understands, which takes a while sometimes.

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