only one


this is my singular peony bloom this year

i transplanted the bushes last year
(started with 3 – divided to 4 or 5
depending on how you look at them)
from the back of the house
to beside the deck

reading about transplanting peonies can make one nervous
especially for a gardener who may not pay the best attention

do it in the fall
(pretty sure i didn’t)
plant 2 in. below soil level
(no idea if i did this)
mulch it over winter
(did this)
remove in spring

and i’m sure there were more instructions
but i already closed the window
and now i don’t remember it all
see the problem?

i do remember it saying
it could take 4-5 years
to get back to full bloom

so i guess there’s still hope

we’ll just have to wait and see


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  1. Peonies … 5 years after we moved … 1 plant had lots of blooms this year. One plant had one this year – which is one more than last year. There’s still hope. :-)

    I LOVE the photo. Beautiful!

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