as in not automatic
not as in instruction booklet
(though i could do with the later)

i have decided to try and shoot with my camera
on manual mode whenever i can

i took photography in high school
but that was a really long time ago
and while i remember the basic terms
that’s about all i remember

so this will be an experiment

here’s my first lesson:

iso is a numeric expression
of the camera’s sensitivity to light

the higher the iso
the less light that is needed
therefor smaller apertures
and faster shutter speeds
can be used

but on the flip side
the higher the iso
the more noise your image will have

here is a series of pictures of the peony
taken at different iso settings
everything else being equal



the other thing i’ve been messing with
just a bit is post-processing
i dont’ have any fancy-shmancy software
(which it probably good or i’d spend waaaay too many hours playing)
so what i’m able to do is limited

here’s an example

i’m not super convinced i like this technique
for the most part i think i’d rather try
to learn how to use my camera to get different effects

this picture is straight out of the camera
and i like it best of all

what do you think?

eta: one of my motivations for learning to use the manual mode in my camera is that i figure it will give me a better argument when i try to convince my husband to spend the big bucks on a dSLR! wish me luck!!


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  1. I always try to use manual mode on my camera. I usually leave it at ISO 100, and then adjust the aperture and shutter speed to get enough light). The nice thing about my camera is that it shows me how dark the picture is before I take it, so it’s pretty easy to adjust it all without really knowing what I’m doing.

    Unfortunately, I end up using flash a lot inside. I often wonder if it would be better to up the ISO to avoid using flash if possible. I guess I need to experiment! I would consider an external flash, if money weren’t an issue.:P

    Good luck with the dSLR campaign…

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