to be fair


there is more blooming than just one iris
by the big tree in front there are several more iris
this one is a bit past its prime but i wanted to show the variety

then there are the combos

fully blended and

showing both

i like to imagine that i planted only purple and white
and that the others are combinations
while i guess in theory combining traits is possible
i don’t think it happened under my tree

these little guys are there too
under the same tree

not sure what they are
but they sure are cute

::to be fair::
i didn’t plant any of these
my mom did
last year
in the dark
she really is pretty good!

this is another plant
that seems to be doing something
just wish i knew what it was!
i guess it will be a surprise

there are 2 of them
randomly placed in beds
my guess is squirrels

anyone know what they are?

these are the pots in front of my house
(mom again)

these are the daisies that we (mom & i – notice a theme here??)

dug out of the meadow behind my house

(back behind the fallen-down willow and around the corner to the left)

once all the buds open they will be amazing!

we did a lot more of that this year
finding plants in the woods and fields around my house
and transplanting them
guess that will have to be another post

astilbe from the front bed

coral bells
also from the front bed
and i planted this all by myself
two years ago
and it’s still alive!!

and this is the flowering crabapple that i planted last fall

i think they look like little alien eyes
poking out of the leaves

hopefully as summer progresses
there will be more to share


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  1. I think your mystery plant is spiderwort. They can spread like crazy, but are easy to pull out. I’ve got some that I planted in my garden (purple flowers), they look good if kept under control. I’ve got others that just grow wild (blue flowers.

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