thank you


my parents were here for a week
and my brother and his girlfriend were here for a couple of days
sometimes i feel like there are multiples of me
when my family comes
because sooo much gets done
it’s truly a gift

my mom and i worked outside all week
(and she also helped do laundry
organize the little guys clothes
and keep up with that never-ending daily cleaning)

we took out the old, scraggly lilac bush
and planted a cherry tree that i dug out of our woods
(and some iris)

we weeded and weeded and weeded and weeded

we divided plants to fill beds

and planted new plants
both in beds and containers

just a note – all these containers came from the garbage

my brother and his girlfriend
worked for 5 hours in near 90 degree heat
helping me stain and seal the deck
it looks amazing

(ignore all the cottonwood seed – and that big ceramic pot/table – more garbage)

so thank you. thank you. thank you.

you also found the time
to fill my boys with so much joy

they loved having you all near to them again
even if it was for just a moment in time

truly a gift

thank you


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  1. The deck does look pretty awesome. We need to stain ours…what are the chances that Tobin and Shannon will do that for us?

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