at least something’s blooming


it seems as though i plant and plant and plant
and nothing blooms

i’m really good at growing weeds
and not much else

but while working outside with my mom
we discovered one lone iris that’s blooming

mom transplanted 148 iris that she dug out of one bed

hopefully next year i will have some more blooms

(does it make you hungry for sunny-side-up eggs?)


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  1. ummmm … make that 160 iris transplants. or is my story growing each time I tell it? :-) I can hardly wait until next spring to see them all abloom!

  2. well – unless you’ve planted your 12 it’s really still only 148…you dug up, what, 175-200? but only planted 148 @ my house…:)

  3. i know what you mean…i am stunned and overjoyed when anything blooms here…especially when i alone have planted it…especially when from seed!

    may yours bloom well.

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