smoke on the water


fire in the sky

i guess i never posted this

this is zachary’s song
he sings it constantly
and loudly
’cause you can’t sing it soft!

i’m not even sure where he heard it
but this is from the beginning of april
and i know it had been going on
for awhile already even then

he’s still singing it
it’s become his anthem

and now the real reason for this post

smoke on the water remix: for jeanne & gordon

yes that is benjamin singing in the background
evidence that i was not kidding
when i said  he sings it all the time

and when i see this i am instantly transported
to the basement at 4 square church
at the new creation talent show
circa 1980-something (i think)

gordon is playing his tambourine

he plays this in church
so i guess it’s his thing
but he seems really nervous
and he’s playing the national anthem
kind of an odd choice
but ok

and then jeanne comes prancing out
and she starts teasing him
and giving him a hard time

i guess i wasn’t old enough
or didn’t know them well enough
to realize this was supposed to be funny
he wasn’t seriously trying to play
the national anthem on the tambourine
and she wasn’t really being mean to him

at the time i was horrified
i couldn’t believe that she would do that to him
i couldn’t understand why everyone was laughing
it was so mean! and he was sooo sad and hurt

i honestly don’t remember
if i realized that night
or later
that it was all a joke

but when i saw zachy
playing smoke on the water
on the maracas

i thought of gordon
and his tambourine

and i had to giggle


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  1. Dude…first of all, are you videotaping while driving? That doesn’t seem safe. Second of all, how pumped are you that you have TWO kids who like to sing Smoke on the Water? Third of all, that is the best rendition of Smoke on the Water that I have ever heard on the maracas.

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