if my sis hadn’t posted this
i may not have noticed this:

sorry – hard to get to through the pine branches

i was trying to see if there was anything in it
to see if it was new or old
when i got confirmation
but not from inside the nest

here’s the original shot

that’s with the full zoom on my camera

needless to say
she wasn’t very happy with me
did you know that robins can chirp
with a mouth full of grass?

i haven’t been able to determine
if she finished the nest
or if she abandoned it and built elsewhere
i haven’t wanted to get too close
in case she’s still there

we’ll just wait and see


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  1. I love the shot with the straw! And believe me, I know how scary those momma birds can be. That’s why you aren’t getting any more baby bird pictures for awhile.

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