this was opeing weekend for house league
so both boys had their first games

timmy’s was on friday night

it was about what one would expect
for first year baseball players

a lot of distraction (playing in dirt, not fielding grounder) on the field

and loooong at bats as attempts at connection were made

after the first inning timmy says

are we done?

and when i said no we’re batting again
a little girl on his team said

how long is baseball??

the second inning went faster than the first
2 in an hour is not going to break any records
but all things considered it was a lot of fun!

christopher’s first game was on saturday
the weather was decidedly worse
chilly and rainy
but fun was had
and in the end his team won
which is always a nice bonus!

only one picture because i didn’t want to keep the camera out in the rain
but look at the size of that shirt
yeah – it’s an adult medium
i realize that he’s playing with boys that are a year older than himself
but really?
he’s going to be able to wear that until he’s like 37!
for now he can use it as a night shirt

christopher also had his second travel game on sunday
it was cold

notice the boy with no legs?

no really – i mean COLD

has there ever been a baseball game
called for snow?

i think that had there been precipitation that’s what would have happened

the temperature was like 42
but you add in the ridiculous wind
and it felt like 32

the boys were real troopers and played a great game!

christopher pitched 2 innings and did well
he also got at least one rbi
then i went to watch from the car
more difficult to keep up with the game
but much more comfortable!

they won 11-2
so far this season
he’s undefeated!
he’ll just enjoy it while it lasts


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