art show


this past friday there was an art show at the boys’ school

this is something that has been done for the past several years
and it is really an incredible event

the halls of the school are filled with art

there is something displayed for every student
*for perspective – the white labels are 1″x3″ mailing labels*

christopher’s art

that is an actual plaster mold of his hand

timmy’s art

there are collaborative projects for every class and every grade

kindergarten – found object art

each class has a 3’x6′ panel

made up of individuals boxes (shoe box lids)

first grade – weaving

probably 4’x12”

timmy’s class –

each child has a 3″x6″ number

fourth grade – experiential art

these are life-size plaster creations

fifth grade – pop art

made with recycled material

i’m always overwhelmed
when i think of this
(the tears flow even now)

by the beautiful art
that these children produce

by the loving guidance
that must be shown them
to allow them to shine so brightly

and mostly overwhelmed that
my children are privileged
to have an amazing art teacher
who gives them this wonderful experience

thank you
mrs. greene
from the bottom of our hearts!

here are some more images from this years show

i cannot convey the true magnitude of this experience
in tiny snapshots
but hopefully these glimpses of beauty

can give you a small taste


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  1. Wow! I am amazed!! What fabulous art! If only all the people of the world could grow up surrounded with that kind of exposure to creative expression and beauty. Wouldn’t the world be a different place?

  2. I am so glad to hear that the boys still have an art program at their school! I know that art and music are always the first to be cut if there are budget constraints. What a wonderful opportunity for them!

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