baseball season begins


christopher’s travel baseball season began this last sunday
it was a beautiful day and the boys were all excited
they were playing a team that had beaten them
in the finals of a tournament last year
redemption on the minds of so many

i asked cj if he was nervous
he said no – just excited

this is jacob – brother to mary…

the game started out slow
there was no score through the 2nd inning
(i think – i’m sure someone will correct me if i’m wrong)

then things started clicking
we ended up winning 15-5

after last season it was nice to start out on a good note

cj struggled a bit in the infield playing 2nd base
but did well in the outfield and a great job as catcher in the last inning

he hit 2 singles and walked once, stole at least one base (3rd)

overall a great game that exceeded all our expectations

all the practice over the winter really made a difference!

next week we have our first “away” game
we have to travel all the way to lancaster
(all of about 9 miles…we’ll see if we can make it!)


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  1. what – you think 9 miles is too far? have you no faith in me? um really – haven’t even used it as a bike trailer yet b/c i’m waiting for my hubby to ‘service’ my bike, he has some crazy notion that since it hasn’t been ridden in like 10 years it might need a tune up or something. so for now we’ll be driving…maybe next time!

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