…sort of!

it seems like forever ago
that i thought we’d start
trying to use the potty

needless to say
all of my efforts have been fruitless

then yesterday
timmy and zachy were playing in the bathtub
i was in my bedroom folding laundry
(and no – that is not the success that this post is about!)
when timmy comes running in yelling

mom – come here! come here quick!!

those of you who are moms
can identify i’m sure
this is never good

come here quick means
the tub is overflowing
someone is playing in the toilet
there’s toilet paper rolls being thrown out the window
someone fell and is bleeding all over the bathroom

never good…

except when it’s followed by

zachy’s peeing in the toilet – all by himself!!!


for the last month or so
everytime he gets out of the bathtub
he’ll stand in front of the toilet
(for about a second)
and then announce
no – it not works!

i guess this time
it works!

needless to say we had a great celebration
with lots of cheering
and clapping
and m&m’s

so far today we are back to refusing
but that’s ok

i have hope
and a glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel


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