on the way home


after a day at “the island”
we stopped at a park to play
it was cold

but that didn’t stop the kids from playing

and having fun

when we got there
the older boys (who are in middle school)
found a girl they knew

so they all just sat around
on various playground structures
and talked
poor christopher really wanted to play
and he would get them to do something for about a minute
and then they would all go back to talking

on the ride home he says to me

you start going with people in middle school?
i thought you had to be older, like high school.

oh man…


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  1. It’s already starting…whew. Good luck with all of that Christopher! And I agree…I didn’t really go out with anyone until college, and I married him. Just wait until the good ones come along, it’s a lot less drama.

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