story time


they have story times for preschoolers at the library
we’ve gone a couple of times in the last year
but now we’ve entered a new chapter

for the first time
zachary went to the story time
where the momma’s wait outside

the families all gather in the back corner
the children’s area
and then all the kids line up
and walk back to the front
to a meeting room
to have their story time

zachy was looking at books when it was time to go
i told him to go line up
and started walking with him to the line

he turned back to me and said

get din-din mom!
don’t forget din-din come with us!

 i told him that benjamin and i
were going to wait here
he was going to go to story time
by himself
and that we would come later
for craft time

he stopped

he looked at me
and paused for a moment
in thought

then promptly said


and marched off
without looking back
not even once
i waited
but not even a glance

i went and peeked at him
he was sitting in the circle
participating in the story
like he’d done it a million times before

i was proud

and a little bit sad

he still says he’s my baby

but really he’s not

he’s big now


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  1. Hmmm…I would say that the 3 year old me and the 3 year old Zachary have NOTHING in common. I’m pretty sure I’d still be clinging to your leg. And I love that he thought that maybe you would forget Benjamin…

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