rock, chalk, jayhawk…


neither boy made it to the end
(i fell asleep first while putting the little ones down)
i’m sure timmy fell asleep before halftime
cj made it into the 2nd half
but not far

after the game was over
chris woke cj to tell him that ku had won
he said (very sleepily): oh…good job.
not sure if he was talking to
chris or the team – either way we chuckled

we taped the end of regulation and overtime
so the boys will get to watch after school today
we do love love love to dvr!

this morning wasn’t too bad
all things considered

and the boys made it off to school
on time

chris told timmy what happened
but cj wanted to wait to watch it himself

timmy was dying to tell him what happened
i told him just to tell someone at school
“but they won’t like ku…”
“that’s ok – you can still tell them.”
“but what if they like memphis?”
(is everything an argument??)
“it’s ok -they probably don’t like memphis either.”

and for those who are curious
(if he had entered) chris would have ended up
tied for 18th (with 15 other people)
just 50 points behind the winner
too much fun!


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