school pictures


every fall we get school pictures

i look through the packages
find the best deal
get the boys all spiffy on picture day

and then at christmas
when i’m taking pictures for the christmas cards
i find the pile of school pictures
that i never sent to anyone

and i say (again)
“why do we get these??”

so this christmas
i told myself next year i will order
as close to 1 5×7 as i can
so they can have one picture for their binder

each boy has one 3″ binder per year for their work

plus one binder for their art that isn’t on the wall


now we have spring pictures too

and they’re the cool kind

christopher says to me
“aren’t those good pictures mom?
don’t you think we should order some?”

so for $32
they both have another 5×7 for their binder
daddy has a 3×5 to take to work
and there’s another 3×5
that will go to the first taker!

because they are pretty cool
as long as there’s not
30 copies of them



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