phone calls


it always amusing to me
when the boys get calls from their friends

the conversations are really disjoint
and at this point – really short

this one made me laugh though

me: hello?
boy on phone: hello.
me: who is this?
boy on phone: daniel.
me: how are you daniel?
daniel: good…is…can…um…is…timmy?
me: hold on just a minute…TIMMY!!
(how’s that for horrible phone ettiquette?)
timmy (to me): what?
me: phone for you.
timmy: who is it?
me: daniel.
timmy: who’s daniel?
me: i don’t know – do you have a daniel in  your class??
timmy: yeah…(i give him a look and the phone)…hello?
timmy: hi!
me: (looking at timmy with a questioning look)
timmy: (shrugging with a confused look on his face)
timmy: (quietly to me) he wants me to spell something…(into the phone) you want me to spell something?
timmy: what do you want me to spell?
timmy: (to me) i need my spelling list – he forgot his at school.

then the fun really begins
first off, this is the list:

scum (i don’t remember cool words like this on my lists!)

here’s how the rest of the conversation went
in a nutshell – you’ll see why

timmy: there’s sk and sc words
timmy: scab
timmy: s-c
timmy: what word did you need? what word were we doing?

after several rounds like this
i was just about jumping out of my skin
i asked timmy to let me talk to daniel’s mom
the conversation still took too long

especially since this isn’t due
until thursday!


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