aromatic memory


this morning as we were all getting ready

i smelled my dad

just like the smell of old spice
will always be my grandpa

this smell

will always be my dad

not sure my mind can wrap itself around
my ::not yet 10 year-old::
smelling like my dad

ot – see the great bathroom organizer i made


toothbrushes, etc. on the back of the toilet –
just not sanitary
(especially when they kept falling in the toilet)
so i cut the bottom 3 rows
from a shoe organizer
and hung it from the towel bar
(with painters tape)
now the toothbrushes don’t even touch each other

here’s the other half of the organizer


holding ::basement shoes::
sports slippers $1 @ target
i may need to go back and get more
so we have extras for friends!


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