seek and ye shall find…


…if you’re lucky

or really really good

 not sure
what the easter bunny is like
at other houses

but here
he gives the boys
a run for their money!

dsc02802.jpg   dsc02801.jpg   dsc02828.jpg

dsc02826.jpg   dsc02827.jpg   dsc02835.jpg

dsc02810.jpg   (yes – that’s an egg in the light)

but with some clues
and helping hands
treasures are had





after dropping one of his eggs
zachy said to me

look momma
my easter egg hatched!

and when benjamin discovered
the goodies
i was waiting for the mess
but he just put them in the egg
then dumped them out again
and put them in
and dumped them out
even when i put the candy in his mouth
he just spit it out
and resumed the dumping and replacing


others did not need any convincing
to jump right in and start devouring


after making serious dents
in their bunnies
the boys were told to put them
in the fridge to save for later

right about dinner time i found zachary
going to town on his bunny again

i told him he couldn’t eat any more until after dinner

but i already had dinner

no you didn’t – i didn’t make it yet

but i not hungly



2 responses »

  1. oh man, i wish i could hunt for the eggs. maybe you could hide some for me next time we’re together.

    hee hee hee.

    missed you as we sang “was it a morning like this?”

  2. Wow! They even had to hunt for their baskets? Your Easter bunny is a hard sell … but so much fun!

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