too good to be true


i’m so totally bummed

i found a great new invention

it’s a program where you enter
you shoppers club card from your local grocery store
and then you can select coupons
which areloaded directly to your account
so that when you use your card at checkout
the coupons that you’ve selected are automatically applied

this is made for me!!
i can’t tell you how often i’ve gone on coupon kicks
where i think that i’ll start using them
i cut all kinds of coupons out of the sunday ads
i either invent or buy some kind of handy organizer
i have the best of intentions…
but it nevcer works

the coupons are expired when i want to use them
i forget to bring them with me
or my favorite:

i have them with me when i go
and still have them when i leave
i just forget to give them to the cashier
when i check out

so this program is just what i need

too bad none of the grocery stores
within 500 miles of me uses it

for you newtonites
dillons (kroger) participates
(i think they may be the only chain so far)

so if you don’t mind
in honor of the irony of my situation
try it at least once
so you can tell me how awesome it was

and i can be soooo jealous


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