question for ms. kristin


i found these
while looking for hockey pics for karin
can you help
my memory impaired brain
to recall what this was all about?


i’m pretty sure the newspaper hat is significant
since i have other photos
of playing with plastic bag “balls”
stuffed with newspaper

i think that’s a fish
that he’s handing to heydon
and he also has
a bone
a flower
and maybe a cookie?
(round brown thing)

i ask becuase i wonder
what could make a 2 1/2 year old
look so concerned



i swear this boy
is going to have an ulcer
before he reaches
high school

again this morning
like every monday

“mom, my stomach’s feeling funny again.”

“your just nervous about going to school. your fine.”
(note all the sympathy? yeah, that was gone weeks ago)

and there’s nevcer mention of it again
until next sunday night and monday morning



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  1. oh, i wish i could remember the details!!!!

    i know we gave c and n “jobs” to keep them occupied…i know cj was acting out the story…oh, i wish i could remember more.

    so sweet and fun to see that flashback.

    i’m going to think more.

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