fish friend fill in


(“fill in” is a synonym for “update” according to ms word) 

the tank is still going strong
and we’ve added a few more friends


these are rainbow tetras
they are considered “large” tetras
the biggest ones may be an inch


my family wasn’t impressed
i guess “large” is relative

there are 8 in the tank
and they are a schooling fish
so it’s fun to watch them all
swim around together

they’ve been in the tank for about
2 1/2 weeks now

yesterday we added 2 new friends


flame gouramis

they are bigger
maybe 2 inches
i think the original inhabitants
the swordtails
(of which only 2 are left –
i actually think that the 3rd
was bullied/ostracized to death)
are still a bit longer
but the gouramis are “fatter”
as christopher puts it


they can be classified as “semi-aggressive”
so we will be keeping a close watch on them
so far so good
but i do not want any more
“death by bullying”
in my tank

don’t want the neighborhood
to get a bad reputation


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