even more snowy day


so after an evening and night of more snow


today proves to be even more snowier
than yesterday

dsc02398.jpg    dsc02461.jpg
2008-03-08                      2008-03-09

according to measurements at the airport
(which is about 10 mintues from our house)
we got about 20 inches all together

this morning delivering papers
was an interesting adventure


those are my tracks
the snow top hit me
at about mid-thigh
i don’t think i’ve experienced that
since childhood
when my thighs were much shorter

now it’s cold outside
but the sun is shining
and the sky is clear


hopefully it warms up a bit
so we can venture outside
for more snowy fun

on an unrelated side note
there was an earthquake
not to far from us yesterday

yeah – we get it all around here


3 responses »

  1. i was thinking snow pants and boots
    but snowshoes are soooo much cooler
    and probably much more fun
    though it may be hard to drive! :D

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