tiny big


benjamin has always been small
and sometimes i forget
that he’s as old as he is

in 2 days he will be 16 months

he’s also very relaxed
(is that a nice way to say lazy?)
in his development 

he’s not walking
he will cruise and make his way
around the room
but when he really wants to get somewhere
or someone
he will drop and crawl

he’s not talking
he will verbalize
but mostly in the manner
of his ancient ancestors
lots of grunts and ooooos
he gets his point across
at least to me

is it bad that this doesn’t really bother me?
i really don’t mind him being a baby for now
i’m enjoying it
and in a world where kids are being pushed
more and more and more
i guess i want to let him be “lazy” for now
while he can

but every once in awhile
he’ll do something that makes me realize
that he’s watching others
and learning
and growing

like this:


oh isn’t that sweet
he’s pretending to play the video game
like his big brothers!

does this look like a kid
who’s pretending??


yeah – when i stopped for a moment
and really paid attention
the concentration on the face
and the double handed action
made me realize
that he means business

he’s sneaking into big
whether i want him to or not

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