certainty is something that amazes me

maybe because i’ve never really had it
about much of anything
at least i don’t think i have

not really certain

so it amazes me then
to talk with my timmy sometimes
becuase he is so very certain
(most all the time)
whether he’s right or not

photo: zachary

i think maybe he gets this trait from his dad
not only because i don’t have it myself
but becuase, when he’s certain
(and he’s wrong)
it can send his dad into fits
trying to convince him otherwise
because neither will back down
(dreading adolescence if we don’t get past this one)
this is an example
of a timmy certainty
told to me this very morning:

do you know how cows get milk?
i do!
they eat grass and stuff
and then it goes into their body
and turns into milk
and goes down into that shield thingy
and the farmer gets it out

did you know that there are wild cows?
there are…
they go to a house in mexico
and the mexican person there says some strange words
they’re a little bit like english
but different
i think they say something like “you get out of here”
and then the wild cows take the milk
and they eat it
and it goes into their shield thing
and then they go to the farmer
and he gets it out of them
did you know that if cows didn’t have that shield thing
if those things were just hanging there
then the farmer couldn’t get the milk out?

so there you have it
now you know all about milk
to be certain

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