score: 3-2


benjamin’s winning


(doesn’t seem to be enjoying his lead much does he??)

he and zachary seem to have started a contest
to see who can throw up the most

needless to say momma’s the real loser in this game

zachary is in the lead though for most stylish effort


this is what happens when one sleeps
after getting out of the bath at 3:20 a.m.

why is is when one wants hair to stand up
it won’t??

anyway – this is what we’re doing now


see that spot there in the middle?
that’s mine…
so i’m off to slumberland as well

hopefully zachary is content to lose this one to his brother


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  1. How fun for you! This reminds me of the picture of all 5 of us kids lying in a circle on my (or mine and Nolan’s?) bedroom floor with a trash can in the middle, just in case… I’m hoping that the rest of your family stays well, and that the littlest ones are feeling better!!

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