vital statistics


benjamin & zacy had dr. appointments yesterday
and i’m proud to announce…

that zachy has achieved “average”!
he’s 50th-75th percentile for weight
and 75th-90th percentile for height!!

benjamin is still on the small side:
he’s 3rd-5th percentile for height
(and head circumfrence – at least he’s proportional!)
and 10th-25th percentile for weight
but he’s holding his own!

benjamin is probably allergic to dairy at some level
so we’re going with soy milk
but otherwise normal dairy for now

zachy still has no interest in potty training
mom’s plan is to wait for summer
and go with training au natural in the backyard

benjamin still isn’t walking – but we’re getting close
and he babbles, but no real words yet

i think that’s about it

zachy has his first dentist appointment tomorrow
we’ll see how that goes!


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