this is one of those things
that i don’t want to ever forget
but i probably will
without a reminder…

so this is my reminder


it is hard to capture on film
but when i pick benjamin up
and he’s in a cuddly mood
he will give me a squeeze
and then pat me on the back

we call them pat-pats
because it’s never just one pat

i guess i did it to him often enough
that he’s decided it’s the thing to do

i love it
my heart is filled


there is nothing better than baby squeezes

so now we’re sharing them with you


feel loved!

(an if you need a real pat-pat feel free to come by anytime!)


3 responses »

  1. Oh the pit pats….you gotta love them. I know that I love the ones I get from Georgia.

  2. Sorry I guess they are pat pats…I don’t know why I put pit pats…hmmm. I must be sleepy.

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