cj & timmy participated in a wrestling tournament this past sunday

christopher wrestled here last year
this was timmy’s first tourny

it is an intense experience from the bleachers
i can’t really imagine what it’s like
to be alone on the mat

they’re lucky enough to have
their dad nearby
yelling advice and encouragement
from the edge
but when it comes down to it
they’re out there
on their own




cj went 4-0
and got his first pin

timmy was not as fortunate


he went 0-2
but fought the whole way
with a smile on his face


and he was beaming as he returned to the stands
clutching his trophy for 3rd place
oh the blissful ignorance
of being 3rd of 3
and caring only that one has a trophy

dsc02050.jpg     dsc02097.jpg

christopher took 1st in his group
this was his last tournament as a novice
from here on out
the intensity increases

not sure i
can handle it

what am i going to do with 4??


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