hinkle, hinkle


ok – so i’ve been trying to post this for about a month now
videos too dark – we have coughing fits halfway through
there was always something
i finally get a represenatative snapshot
and it’s sideways – i have no way to right it…

so – enjoy
if you can see your computer screen from your couch
go lie down
and he can sing you to sleep

(as long as you can fall asleep laughing!)

and here’s the one interrupted by the coughing fit
(also sideways – don’t get up yet!)


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  1. ummm…yeah – he’s kind of a weird kid. he regularly morphs “twinkle, twinkle” into “happy birthday” and this time he ended with “happy birthday, hot dog” – he’s also really into calling people various foods – probably because i call him a silly banana on a regular basis

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