Christmas photo shoot


it is always so hard for me to choose a christmas card photo

maybe if i only took one or two shots
but i don’t
i take hundreds
and then i have to choose

do i want one that shows everyone’s face?

dsc01300card.jpg          dsc01284card.jpg

do they all have to be smiling?

oh! so close!!

or is it better that they interact?

dsc01315card.jpg          dsc01320card.jpg

something more natural?

dsc01302card.jpg          dsc01316.jpg

sooo hard to choose!

who knows what you’ll get
maybe one of these
maybe something
completely different

here are some bonus individual shots of the boys
that for sure won’t be in the cards
(unless someone requests them!)

dsc01346card.jpg  dsc01375card.jpg  dsc01198card.jpg  dsc01222card.jpg

and a couple more of the little ones…

dsc01199.jpg         dsc01264.jpg


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  1. …and yes, in the last picture of them all together benjamin is sucking on his big toe – he wouldn’t quit and that’s when the shoot ended!!

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