i feel like i’ve been gone somewhere
and am just finding my way back…

but i’ve been here the whole time
working on this

wrestling has started for cj and timmy
we are there tuesday & thursday nites
it makes for late bedtimes for all
but they enjoy it and get a good work out

chris helps coach
which is also good for him

i take pics and watch kids
and visit with other moms

a good time is had by all

here are a couple of images from last week:

dsc00896.jpg           dsc00913.jpg           dsc00914.jpg
zachy pouting                               benjamin ready                 his newest form of
                                                             to join in                              transport

dsc00904.jpg           dsc00973.jpg           dsc01009.jpg
timmy & his friend                      cj trying to get                   timmy & nathan
nathan “grabbing                        timmy to hold                    working on take
knees”                                              still & listen                         downs

dsc01041.jpg      dsc01052.jpg      dsc01053.jpg
cj helping coach                       cj “sumo wrestling”             taking the other
chase demonstrate                (end of practice                     guy out of the circle
                                                        game they play)                   for the win!


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