life has been crazy

which means that momma has been crazy

i owe my little one a world of thanks
for bringing me back
with his sweet, gentle, ever-giving nature

one evening this week
as i was trying to clean the table off
zachy comes up to me and says
“i hungy. you get me somineat?”

in my less than stellar mommy moment
i reply
“i’m hungry too. why don’t you get me
something to eat!” (nasty tone included)

without missing a beat
“here mommy.”
i continue to clean off the table

“here mommy.”
i don’t even look his way

“here mommy.”
he persists
in a kind, gentle, soothing voice
showing me much more patience
than i did him not seconds before

so finally i turn
and there’s a catch in my throat
as i look at my little boy
hands cupped together
raised up in offering to me


“here’s some zoup. iss for you.”

i just look at him
in wonder

“eat it. iss delicious. i made for you.”

so i take a drink
of pretend soup
and so very much more

and i am instantly filled

“now you get me somineat?”
(after all we’re not yet even 3)


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