images of november


i am always amazed when we can get to november and still be outside comfortably
this past weekend was beautiful and we enjoyed some time outside…

zachary helping chris mow the lawn

dsc00803.jpg     dsc00800.jpg     dsc00798.jpg

benjamin (& i) watching


the lawn mower hit an exposed root
zachary got bumped by the steering wheel and neede some comfort
when we went back out, chris tried to mow again
but there was something wrong
he looked and discovered that the blade had been bent pretty badly
he was obviously upset
zachary looked quietly at him for a while
and then said to me

“i tan fits mower, mama. i tan fits my drewsdiver”

“i don’t have a screwdriver, bud.”

“i hab drewsdiver…in my beesement…in my tchools.”

“do you want to go get your screwdriver?”

“yes. i fits daddy’s mower. you open door for me, mama?”
(he knows he can’t get the door open on his own
but he has full faith that he can fix the mower!)

he goes inside and gets his “screwdriver”
which in actuality is a wrench
and proceeds to very seriously

dsc00812.jpg          dsc00813.jpg

dsc00814.jpg          dsc00815.jpg

after several minutes he proclaimed it
“all fits!!”

so chris proceeded to start it up
oh, the pride on the little face
when daddy thanked him
for fixing the mower

my heart swelled
for both of them

later we burned some leaves on the driveway
they started out in a small fire pit
but that was taking too long so we burned a pile of leaves
around the fire pit

dsc00819.jpg          dsc00817.jpg


dsc00826.jpg     dsc00828.jpg     dsc00830.jpg

nothing quite as mesmerizing
as red hot coals
under piles of ash

*now it’s sleeting
i’m glad we got to enjoy it while we could!


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