happy halloween!


dsc00729.jpg     dsc00728.jpg     dsc00732.jpg

dsc00747.jpg     dsc00753.jpg     dsc00744.jpg

dsc00746.jpg     dsc00740.jpg     dsc00757.jpg

dsc00761.jpg     dsc00765.jpg     dsc00764.jpg

dsc00766.jpg     dsc00768.jpg

it was an amazingly stress-free night
the boys had a blast with their cousins
the adults got to chat
much candy was collected
many ooos and aaahs
many “ticter tleat”s and “dank you!!!”s

so much fun for all!
hopefully signs of years to come…


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  1. LOVE IT! I couldn’t wait to get on here and see what the boys costumes would be this year. Georgia was a rabbit…a friend of Nolan’s gave us the costume. I’ll get some pictures posted soon.

  2. Way too much fun for all! We had a 6-yr old (approx) Darth Vadar appear at our door. “Oh, Darth Vadar! Where did you come from?” I asked. And with very little hesitation came the answer, “from a faw-away wold.” :-)

  3. Mom misquoted the poor little guy. What he actually said was, “from a whole nuther world”. I hope she doesn’t read this because then we will have a disagreement about what was actually said.:-)

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