winter prep



one of my favorite things about winter
is that i get to bring in all my plants from outside

it’s amazing how much they can grow in just a few months

when the sun shines through the window in the afternoon
it’s an amazingly cozy corner to be in…


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  1. yep, this one corner of my family room – the center of the hub of our activity – the room that also gets the most (and only really adequate) natural light. you will notice the large fern on the top of the ladder – it is in an old metal pot (according to the letters it’s for CLAM BROTH) – with all the running, wrestling, football, baseball, hockey, tag, light saber fights, etc. that go on in this room over the winter – who wants to place bets on the number of times that hits the floor (if we’re lucky – someone’s head if we’re not)!

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