wedding #2


chris’s brother tim married kathy on october 19 –


the little ones and i camped out in the back and tried to be as undisruptive as possible! cj sat up with his cousins ryan and emily and aunt karen (thanks guys!!)


the lovely couple!


benjamin trying to escape!


all the cousins:
(back) matthew (15 – len & renee) holding benjamin, emily (9 – jeff & karen), ashley (12 – len & renee), ryan (12 – jeff & karen)
(front) cailyn (6 – john & taryn), kaitlyn (9 – len & renee), cj, zachy & timmy

what a cute bunch of kiddos!!

chris and i enjoyed the rest of the evening on a date at the reception while my friend jessica watched the kids for us! thanks again, jess!!


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